Every year around this time sci-fi and fantasy fans of all kinds descend on the Pasco Red Lion for RadCon. The weekend event is dedicated to gaming, sci-fi and fantasy fandoms, and cosplay. Speakers talk about different aspects of the industry, and of course there's parties, fun, and costume contests. According to their Facebook,

Tri-cities Radcon is a full scale sci-fi / fantasy convention. We are family friendly and offer a complete programming spectrum including Guests of Honor in multiple categories such as writing, film and art, panels, table-top and computer gaming, dealers room, art auction, grand masquerade and more!

To get all the details about the weekend click here. If it's your first time, or your not sure if you'll be welcome, don't worry, you are! RadCon encourages all to come and offers an inclusive atmosphere where anyone can come feel free to have a great time. Just make sure you're going to cosplay, your costume game is on point. There is some serious competition in the costume contest! Have fun!

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