Confession: I don't like Skittles. And according to this article, Skittles are Washington's favorite Halloween candy. I have no reason to doubt that, as I used to work with a crew that could give Marshawn Lynch a run for his Skittles appetite.

But just because it's true doesn't make it right. It doesn't mean Skittles are the best, most satisfying candy one could receive on Halloween or any other occasion.

Skittle Haters

In fact, some people absolutely hate the multi-colored, single-flavored pebbles of sugar.

It's the bad type of fruity, the texture is grainy, it's got all the wrong type of crunch, and just doesn't taste good.

-Reddit User Narcotic Suburbia


Not liking Skittles, as it turns out, has a stigma attached to it.

"When someone asks if I like them and I say no, they look at me like I’ve got four heads. How the hell is candy that tastes like off-brand cough syrup so popular?

-Reddit User Combustible Shotgun

But we're not here to pile-on Skittles, which Washingtonians claim to love so much. Just to point out that there are other, more mass appeal candies one could hand out at Halloween.

And no, I'm not talking about Starburst, which is Washington's 2nd most-popular candy. What is wrong with this state? Why is it so enamored with artificial fruit flavoring?

10 Candies Better Than Skittles

The following Halloween candies will not get your house egged on the big night.

  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (most popular Halloween candy in 18 states)
  2. Kit Kat (most popular Halloween candy in 9 states)
  3. M&Ms (original - plus that green M&M is sexy, I don't care what anyone says)
  4. Milky Way (I'm a Snickers man myself, but Washington loves a good Milky Way)
  5. Butterfinger (Bart Simpson would die keeping your fingers off his Butterfinger)
  6. Snickers (it's practically a meal-replacement bar - Snickers really satisfies)
  7. Twix (it's a cookie! Be sure to hand out twin packs, a single Twix is sad)
  8. Three Musketeers Bar (often overlooked nougat-filled gem)
  9. Hershey Bar (the milk chocolate classic)
  10. Reese's Pieces (not as sexy as M&Ms - where's the green? - but everything's better with peanut-butter).

Some Advice for Skittle Heads

Look, if you enjoy Skittles, we both know that's what you're handing out on Halloween. Because you're the one stuck eating any leftovers. But consider also handing out a candy that other people like.

Favorite Halloween Candy by State

No tricks, all treats. Here is a roundup of the top Halloween candy loved in each state.

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