When you invite your family over, do you expect them to steal your car? Well, that is exactly what Alfredo Borrego Jr of Pasco was noted for doing. A relative of Borrego was having a get-together on October 16th, when the relative reported Borrego taking the car without permission. The Pasco Police Department worked with probation officers of the Department of Corrections to find Borrego, who already saw him speed away in the vehicle. After an hour of searching, they had found the car parked in a neighborhood and Borrego running from the police down the street and through backyards, eventually being trapped in a fenced area.

When you run from the police and jump into a fenced backyard, do you expect an officer to break through the fence like the Kool-Aid Man? Well, that is exactly what Sergeant Bill Parramore did, according to the Pasco Police Department Facebook page. Sergeant Parramore broke down the (innocent) wooden fence and was arrested shortly thereafter. And, as any good police story may go, a white substance believed to be meth was found on Borrego. No word has been said on the current condition of the fence. This comes to show that you shouldn't steal a car, even if it belongs to family. Oh, and don't do drugs either.

Timothy Masters

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