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Fedor Patrakov[/caption]Some of the most fun I had growing up was going sledding as a kid, especially on snow days from school. Sometimes you just can't find a sled and you are forced to make one out of things you have lying around. Here are 7 everyday things that you can turn into a sled.

*** Just remember once you use them as a sled, they might not go back to being what they were because they might be a little beat up. Also, almost all of these ideas work a lot better if you grease them up with some oil or lubricant of some kind.

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    Snow Shovel

    Even these are hard to find right now, but they work really good as a sled. Just sit down on the blade, hold on to the handle and go!

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    Shower Curtain

    You will be surprised how good a shower curtain works. Just lay it down, grab hold and go. They will last a lot longer then some of the other home-made options, but it can be hard on the butt and knees.

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    Huge Wok

    If you have one of these it will work pretty good after you grease it up, but you will not be able to steer at all so be warned!

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    Air Mattress

    This will work but be warned, if you hit anything sharp it will pop the mattress. You can take the deflated mattress and then use it like the shower curtain if you have more sledding to do.

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    Baby Tub

    This will work pretty good once you fit yourself into it. This might just be an option for smaller kids, unless you have two and can strap them to your feet like skies.

    Never mind, don't try that!

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    Garbage Bags

    The cheapest and easiest thing to use, however they usually do not last long. Make sure you bring lots of spares for when they rip apart.

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    Home-Made Toboggan

    You can make one of these with cardboard, bags, and duct tape. Here is the link so you can make your own.

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