Talk about a HUGE SURPRISE!

After sending a DNA sample to an online genealogy website, she found out the man she thought her whole life was her father was actually not. Her father was the family fertility doctor!

She got her results from and it showed an almost exact match to a doctor that lived 500 miles away. She was not aware her parents used a fertility doctor, and no member of her family knew the doctor had allegedly used his own sperm.

The doctor, Gerald E. Mortimer, is a now retired obstetrician gynecologist that was based out of Idaho Falls. He advised the couple to have the mother inseminated by both her husband and another male donor that matched the couples descriptions.

Instead Mortimer used his own semen and the woman did get pregnant. Mortimer even delivered the baby knowing it was his own child but never told the couple.

The couple recalls that when they told Dr. Mortimer they were moving years later he cried.

“Dr. Mortimer cried when Ms. Ashby informed him they were moving,” says a statement in the lawsuit against the doctor.

The family is suing the Doctor and Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Idaho Falls for medical negligence, fraud, battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract, according to news reports.

A statement was made by an representative warned people may discover facts they did not expect.

“We are committed to delivering the most accurate results, however with this, people may learn of unexpected connections,” it says.

No kidding!


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