Imagine you're out drinking with your friend. At the end of the night you get in to your car to drive even though you've been drinking and the worst happens. You smash your car in to a poll and end up killing your friend.

That's what happened to Alejandra Cordona a little more than five years ago.

Cardona admitted she was drinking before driving and pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide after her wreck on Highway 395 in September of 2011.

Cordona was out of jail with a bracelet on to track where she was and if she'd been drinking, but the day before sentencing she cut the bracelet off and ran.

Five years later, she's still in the run!

Police are asking if anyone has information on her whereabouts to contact them. Crimestoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to her capture. If you do, call Franklin County officials at 509-586-8477 or 800-222-8477 to leave a tip You can remain anonymous.

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