There have been an unsettling amount of accidents so far in Tri-Cities since December 1st according to the Washington State Patrol. They say that almost 900 accidents have plagued the Tri-Cities which is way above the norm according to news reports. They blame the high number of crashes on unusual amounts of snow and ice compounded with Tri-Cities cars driving too fast for conditions. Most people in Tri-Cities have not bought snow tires because we usually only get days a year where you really need them, not months long like this year.

Now people are trying to get tires, but there is strong demand for them because of the bad weather all over the country. People just can not get the tires they need fast enough because of that demand. The WSP wants people to remember to slow down and drive safe even though the roads seem like they are clear of snow. Remember that ice can be around any corner, making you slip off the road like the 20 cars that the WSP said slid of the road just this week alone.

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