How inviting does this pool and patio look? All it's missing is you and your friends, splashing around in the water before drying off in front of the fire, and swapping stories over delicious, iced "summery" beverages.

Like what you see? Guess what - this pool can be yours! For a few hours, at least. All thanks to a company called Swimply, and some entrepreneurial-minded pool owners.

 What is Swimply? 

Swimply is like the Airbnb of swimming pools. Unless you rent an Airbnb with a pool. Then that's the Airbnb of swimming pools. But you know what I mean.  

Swimply is an app/website that lets you search for pools in your area that are available to rent by the hour. Yep! You get to swim in someone else's pool. Please don't pee in the water.  


How Much Does it Cost to Rent Somebody's Pool with Swimply?

Prices range from $20 to $80 an hour.

Can I Bring Guests to My Swimply Pool Rental?

Yes! The Tri-Cities pools I found on Swimply say you can have 15 to 25 people (including you), check the listings for specific details.

Are There Swimply Pools in the Tri-Cities?

While there are not a ton of private pools for rent in the Tri-Cities, there are enough to get your... feet... wet (sorry). But yes, there are a handful of great Swimply options for people living in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland. And I expect there will be more in the future as Swimply catches on.

Tri-Cities Pools You Can Rent by the Hour

Find a pool near you on Swimply.

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