Sure, March 20th is the first day of spring, but spring isn't the same everywhere. Here in the Tri-Cities there are things that we see or get excited about that don't necessarily happen everywhere else. So here's a list of signs that Spring has sprung in the Tri-Cities. Did we miss any?


  1. The green hills start to turn brownish
  2. Baby tumbleweeds start forming
  3. Pale legs in shorts the second it gets over 50 degrees
  4. We get excited about turning on irrigation systems
  5. Lines actually start forming at our fave food trucks
  6. It still gets almost freezing at night, but we still wear spring clothes
  7. Parks covered in goose poop again
  8. Prepare for battle against crab grass
  9. Fans start counting down the days until Seahawks start again
  10. False hopes about Mariners arise
  11. No sports to see on a Friday night
  12. River trails fill up around 8 p.m.
  13. Start looking forward to asparagus
  14. Everyone places bets on if the Yakima River will flood
  15. Silverwood opens

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