Bail has been set at $20 million for the suspect facing first degree-homicide charges for the death of Stephanie Curtis of Toppenish.

The suspect, 24 year old Christopher Almaral, is being held at Kittitas County jail awaiting his arraignment on January 29th.

The victim, Stephanie Curtis, was found on the morning of January 7th south of Ellensburg and had been shot twice.

Police searched multiple businesses security footage to put the suspect and victim together the night before she was found. That security footage showed them leaving a casino together with another man. That gave police a vehicle description.

Police then checked traffic videos and found when the same car entered, leaving, and then re-entering Ellensburg early that morning.

Detectives found and interviewed Almaral who confessed to shooting Curtis. He told police that she was sent from a rival gang in his probable cause statement.

Almaral's first court appearance is Thursday.

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