If I am bored or looking for an idea, I usually go check out the Tri-Cities Craigslist missed connections. They got rid of the personals section, but they kept misses connections in the "community" section.

For some reason, people think this is the best way to communicate with someone they met or almost met. I will never understand why people make these posts even though they are fun to read. Do the people writing these realize how creepy and strange some of their posts are?

Would these "Missed Connections" make you want to respond?


  • 1

    looking for friends (Hermiston)

    White male looking for female friends. I don't judge people so please don't me. Just tired of doing things alone and tired of being lonely.

  • 2

    To an INFP (Richland)

    You and I, we're both introverts. And that makes it hard for me to know what to say to you. But please don't mistake my silence and my awkwardness for disinterest. I'm going out of my mind for you and there's nobody I can tell, so this post sort of satisfies my need to sing your praises, mainly because I doubt you'll ever see it, so it's kind of safe.

    You have consumed every single one of my thoughts, and that is certainly saying something. I just wish I could express to you how utterly captivated I am by you. And while on paper, our types aren't supposed to mesh, I just might evaporate if I never get the chance to love you with everything I have.

    Here's an edit: We work in the same place, but don't really work together. I fix things, and you clean things. Oh, and I gave you a book this evening.

  • 3

    I loved you (Bellingham)

    I loved you. More than you will ever know.
  • 4

    Burden BLVD

    I can't believe I'm doing this! You caught me as I looked over at you while at the stoplight by Dairy Queen at about 9:45ish Tuesday night. Wish I would have been able to talk with you...I would have turned down the same street you turned but didn't want you to feel like I was being creepy. Anyway, please respond with the style and color of car if you'd be willing to give me a second chance to say hello.

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    Cute Hostess at Olive Market Place (Walla Walla)

    I was the older guy who came in last week for dinner. You were the hostess who was so attentive and engaging. We waved goodbye as I left. Sure wish I was younger. You are a doll.

  • 6

    Zswc (Kennewick pasco richland)

    For being the dart leader in every storm, the galaxy that can change the universe. The inspiration you instill in others is a clear representation of the motive for evolutionary drive. If one man for god to trust the clock to it'd be you. I love you and forever will
    Thank you.
    P.s it meant the world to see you drive by this Morning!

  • 7

    Yokes Western Gal (Pasco)

    You had on your spurs, and a hat. I can identify you by your jacket....also noted you had to be the only vehicle combo in the parking lot of your type. I was the tall guy that looked compareable in attire to you.

    I would like to chat w you...

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