I was dying laughing when I saw that the Richland PD was looking for the owner of a lost pile of cash. I mean, what are the odds they'd find the REAL owner, or was there some ulterior motive for posting about the wad of money. Well, turns out the story is less sinister than I thought. The cash was lost by an older Richland resident, Sully Bayless.

Apparently, he went to his car, about to run some errands and had the cash ($1,100) in a plastic envelope. He set the envelope and his cell phone on the trunk of his car and went to chat with the mail man. When he went back to his car, he'd forgotten that he'd placed the cash and his phone on the trunk, and drove off. Only later did he realize his mistake.

Luckily, a bus driver noticed the cash in the road, picked it up, and took it to the Richland PD. When Sully called to claim the money (pretty embarrassed) they vetting him very well to make sure the money was actually his. So say to go Tri-Cities! We have honest and admirable people working and living right here! I think they should give that bus driver some kind of prize for being awesome!

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