Pasco police bring us the second story of a dumb criminal trying to cash a stolen check at multiple places while the cops come get them. Today that dumb criminal is Colton Brock Sommerville from Pasco. He tried to cash a stolen check at a US Bank branch drive-thru on Court Street. The employees noticed it was a stolen check and had the man go inside where he even tried to open an account. He left after he was told he could not cash the check, but instead of leaving he went across the street to the Moneytree and tried to cash it there.

Meanwhile, the Pasco police had arrived at the bank and identified the car still parked in the lot of the bank while Sommerville was across the street. Pasco Pd arrested Sommerville on investigative holds on two counts of Forgery. Pasco case PP17-46214 Forgery. The original owner of the check was a relative of Sommerville that thought they had thrown the checks away.

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