The Richland Police are usually pretty chill on their Facebook. They even posted a statement saying that they weren't going to use their social media to gain followers or mock suspects. Well, looks like they've changed their tune a little, or at least this incident was a bit too funny to let slide. On January 21, a person in a banana costume jumped in front of a vehicle on 1400 block of Judson. The man banana was not hurt since the driver was able to break in time, but still WHAT THE HECK!?

The Richland PD used the post to remind drivers to remain distraction free when on the road. There's no indication that they caught the banana, nor are they looking for anyone, but the post is pretty hilarious. Check out the full post here, and remember to remain distraction free when driving, and please don't dress like any kind of fruit and jump in front of cars. Wow, can't believe I even have to say that! LOL!

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