We have all heard the stories of people puling over to help a woman in distress, only to be robbed by a group of men working with her. That might actually be happening here in Tri-Cities.

A Tri-Cities man named Oscar Steve Montaño tells a scary story about a man and woman working as a team that might have tried to carjack him after he stopped to help the woman in Pasco. I first saw the story on Facebook and reached out so he could tell his story. Here is what he said:

I cross Court Street heading north on road 48 when I see a silver Mazda 3 Hatchback pull out of the gravel parking lot on the left right after the intersection. I notice an older white with red interior Cadillac with the door left open parked where the Mazda just left. There's a slender, brown short haired, Hispanic woman running after it yelling "my kids, he has my kids."

He went on to say,

I tell her to get in and I follow the Mazda for about a hundred yards. The Mazda slows and u-turns and heads back towards me south on 48. She tells me to block him so I park the truck sideways blocking the road. I grab my pistol from the center console for my own protection but leave the truck running.....this is where things get weird."

Oscar noticed that the woman was acting strange for having her kids taken.

The woman is somewhat calm for just having some guy run off with her car and kids, I get out the the truck and walk to the left facing north, As the guy slows down and gets closer I see him start to smirk, the woman hasn't said a thing.


I glance back and see that the woman made her way around the truck and is now behind my open truck door. Her eyes get wide and she still hasn't said a word, my pistol still at my side. I tell her to get away from the truck she then runs over to the Mazda and the guy get(s) out yelling "why are you doing this_____(I can't remember her name) and she drives off (in the Mazda).


The guy (goes back) to his Cadillac and drives off, he was heavily tattoo'd complete with tear drops and other face tattoos, wearing a white tank top that looks like it hadn't been washed in a week, baggy sweatpants, and a shaved head. The woman was about 5'4"-5'7", slender, dot tattoos on her face near her eyes along with other tattoos."

Oscar used his gut when he thought something was not right about the situation.

I figured any woman that just had her kids stolen would go hysterical and beat the crap out of him or at least call the cops but she just drove off."

Oscar hopes that by telling his story, he can stop someone from becoming a victim from this couple working together to take advantage of good Samaritans.

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