The internet was down for a large part of Tri-Cities yesterday including most of the city of West Richland and Benton County Fire District 4.

The cause? A dump truck hit a fiber-optic line that supplies the area with service early that morning.

Charter Communication’s had no estimate on how many customers were without service for most of the day.

Some of the residents affected reportedly barely survived the day. Below is a post from the KNDU Facebook that illustrates their struggle. (lol)

"Hour 8 of the 2018 Internet Outage. Hope is waning. The children are despondent. We are all wandering aimlessly from room to room, briefly stopping to stare out the windows, hoping to see a Charter truck slowly rolling through the neighborhood, megaphone blaring that the 2018 internet apocalypse is over. We are finding ourselves nervously glancing at the dusty collectin of dvds we have amassed, unsure if we should disturb their slumber. Thoughts also drifting towards the cabinet of board games that patiently wait for the mandatory family fun nights...will it have to be opened tonight. Will Uno and Sorry be our source of entertainment and cranial stimulation this evening? Will that be the children's fate? Will they survive, will I? Is this what we have been working towards? I feel as though we regressing already. There is no end in sight. We may have to move to Kennewick if this madness does bot resolve soon.

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