The 2016 Football Pickems season finished this weekend and now we congratulate Tim Holloway as this years Tri-Cities champion. Tim goes by Timfin on the Football Pickems and finished the season with 174 right and a 67.97% winning percentage.

Tim wins a Traeger Grill and kegerator from Fred’s Appliance and the first keg from Uncle Sam’s Saloon. PLUS a chance to guess halftime score and final score in the BIG GAME in February. If he gets either right he wins $1,000 and if he wins both correctly he can win $10,000!

How did Tim stand up to the rest of the Townsquare Media Dj's that also completed ever week?

tim holloway


Curt Cartier158--158--98--61.72 %
Raleigh97--97--159--37.89 %
John McKay94--94--162--36.72 %
Stacy Lee45--45--211--17.58 %

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