Kennewick police had a close call with an armed man that barricaded himself in an apartment with innocent victims after a traffic stop. Kennewick PD noticed a black SUV run a stop sign near 7th and Morain and pulled them over according to their Facebook page. The driver immediately exited the SUV and got confrontational with the officer. More officers showed up and the situation continued to escalate until the driver moved a certain way and police noticed he had a gun on his hip.

Tense negotiations then ensued with the driver still refusing to negotiate and police shot him with non lethal bean bag rounds. After being hit 4 times with bean bags, the driver still did not comply and ran to his apartment and locked himself in with a woman and young child. Police negotiated with him on the phone and he eventually gave up peacefully. The driver, 40 year old Charles Richardson, was then arrested and booked for DUI and other misdemeanor crimes.

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