Police departments have been using social media to help search for suspects, give details on community happenings, and other such things for a while now. Some use humor in posts while other just give the facts. Well, Richland PD just posted a lengthy explanation, a vow, if you will, describing how they will use their Facebook page going forward.  In the post, Richland Police Chief Chris Skinner states "It concerns me that social media for law enforcement has become an online reality show... We will continue to treat everyone with respect and dignity in the commission of our duties but will not be taking advantage of these individuals to further our social media presence... Often we measure success in social media by the number of “followers”. I’m interested in gaining “believers” in what we do and how we do it."

Sounds great, right? But if you follow the Pasco Police Facebook page or Twitter you'll notice that they often have a funny spin on stores and often make fun of offenders in certain situations. A lot of people enjoy their posts and like that criminals are called out, but others, not so much. So, was the Richland PD calling out Pasco PD's social media style, or were they just stating their mission without a jab at Pasco PD (or Kennewick PD)? Read the full post here and decide what YOU think.

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