When I was in my high school government class, I was so inspired. I couldn't wait until I was 18 and and old enough to vote. I couldn't wait until my voice mattered politically and I could make a real impact in the world. Over the years, I (like so many others), have lost a bit of faith in our political system. It seems that no matter what or who I vote for, what is important to me isn't reflected in government. For years I stopped voting. Yell at me if you will, but I was just over it. I didn't see the point if no real change or benefits would come from me hitting the polls.

Then I was about to go overseas for a year, so I registered to vote absentee because there was a big presidential vote coming up I didn't want to miss. I'd been voting absentee for years since then, then stopped again. For real, what was the point. Recently I've made a lot of new friends who are VERY in to politics and voting and they encouraged me to get back in to it. Especially in today's climate and seeing how volatile things are, I have a renewed sense of civic duty and a new hope that voting really does matter. I believe it does, no matter who you vote for. I think we should get out and have a say. There are so many countries where people can't vote who would love the opportunity to have a say. It seems awful to waste such a privilege.

But, it got me wondering how many people are in that phase I was in. How many people feel like their vote doesn't even matter. So, I created a poll. Do you think your vote matters, or not? Take the poll and see how many people share your opinion.

PS I encourage everyone 18 and up to vote!

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