You've been out drinking. You had a great time, but now it's time to go home. You hop in your ride, but you've had a bit much. When you come to a stop sign, you stop as you should, but kinda, well, pass OUT! That's what I imagined happened to the person in Richland who was busted for a DUI when officers responded to a call from a resident who noticed a car that stopped at a stop sign, but didn't keep going.

Richland PD responded to the call and found the driver passed out in the vehicle. They arrested the driver for an alleged DUI. Thankfully this person didn't hurt anyone or his/her self, but COME ON! If you're THAT drunk that you pass out at a stop sign probably shouldn't be driving! Hopefully, they've learned their lesson. Moral of the story: GET A TAXI OR UBER!!

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