Multiple employees have been charged in an organized payroll fraud scheme that involved at least 11 and took almost one million dollars from Zirkle Fruit Company located near Sunnyside. Most people involved have already been arrested and charged however two people still have to be found according to news reports. Maria Teresa Galarza, 38, and her husband Geronimo Marquez Galarza, 44 are still at large and have a warrant out for their arrest. The total amount taken was $956,153 in fraudulent checks.

The other people charged in connection are: Norma Garza (52) of Grandview is charged with leading organized crime and four counts of forgery, Enrique Barriga Moreno (aka Daniel Alvarez, 58) is charged with first-degree theft and eight counts of forgery, Veronica Araceli Garza (37) of Prosser is scheduled for trial on Oct. 30th for one charge of first-degree theft and three counts of forgery, and Jennifer Marie Barriga (19) of Grandview, is scheduled for an Aug. 14 trial for of first-degree theft.

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