Tri-Cities is already looking at possibly more than 400 job cuts for 2017 with announcements by both Trios and Hanford cutbacks. Hanford announced the cutbacks because it has completed some work and expects to make layoffs this fall according to reports. CH2M Hill plans to cut around 250 jobs and Mission Support Alliance is planning on cutting around 50 jobs. CH2M says it will make cuts in 3 stages in May, July, and September and have asked employees to volunteer to be cut or severance.

Trios is making cuts in hours mostly but is facing cuts also to improve its finances. They would like to cut hours by the same amount of 116 full time employees but want to stress most people will not lose their jobs. There will be some layoffs but most employees will see a decrease in hours. Employees affected will be told this week and the changes are expected to take affect in about a month.

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