The Ferris High School head football coach has been suspended because of allegations that he exposed himself to players at a leadership conference in 2016. Jim Sharkey, the 50 year old accused coach, denies the allegations and is suspended with pay pending the investigation. The incident first came to light last year when a student reported the incident weeks after it happened according to news reports. In the school documents, the student describes how Sharkey put his penis in a hot dog bun and says "You think that is a big dog – take a look at this".

Sharkey received a written warning and was allowed to coach last season, but now more kids have come forward. Some also saw the incident but others had new shocking stories of "questionable behavior" by the 11 year coach and teacher according to news reports. The other accusations range from Sharkey calling a girl student "puck bunny" to allowing multiple players to take part in "juicing". "Juicing" is described as multiple players allowed to gang up on another on his birthday, hold him down and insert their fingers in his anus. The student that witnessed juicing says that no teachers, coaches, or adults were around when it happens.

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