Remember back on June 18th when a man found a coyote puppy on his property and called a trapper to release it into the wild, but instead the trapper killed the coyote?

Now that man is suing the trapper that killed the coyote puppy saying he violated animal cruelty laws and the rules of his state license.

The suit, filed by Kennewick resident Jake McChesney,  also says the trapper trespassed when he captured the animal. The coyote was drowned and buried on the trappers property.

McChesney says the trapper took away his right to "stop the pup's death", according to reports.

State rules for trappers ban the use of drowning in most cases, as veterinarians consider it inhumane. It also bans transporting wildlife away from where it's found without a permit.

The suit also claims that the trapper, Don Caraway, should have had his license removed after a 2010 domestic violence-related conviction.

Court records indicate that Caraway entered a modified guilty plea called an Alford plea to violating a protection order with his ex-wife and the other domestic violence charges were dismissed.

The lawsuit in full demands that Caraway lose his license and that he pay an undisclosed amount of damages to McChesney.



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