A man showed up at a Moses Lake paper handcuffed and blinded from being pepper sprayed by his girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend.

The employees of the paper thought that they might have a fugitive on their hands so they called the Moses Lake police. When they arrived, the police were as confused as the people that found him from the paper.

The unidentified man appeared in his 20's could barely see and he stumbled into the papers front door, according to reports.

Go ahead and call the cops,” the man said. “I just need water."

The man explained and repeated that his "girlfriend — ex-girlfriend now" had handcuffed him and pepper sprayed his face when she thought he had stolen some marijuana from her.

The man refused to give his name ( I wonder why ) and refused to answer if more people were involved with his assault.

Police helped him get out of his handcuffs and got him some water to rinse his eyes. The man asked for a ride back to the Larson community where he lived, but police declined.

When an officer was asked if he had ever seen anyone handcuffed and pepper sprayed from a domestic violence case, he replied “No, nothing like that”.


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