Friday morning Benton County Sheriffs responded to a call from a man that claimed he was asleep in the back of his car when he was carjacked, fought with the thief, and then crashed his car during that fight into the Yakima river outside Benton City.

Police now think the story was completely made up and have arrested Phillip Braden on suspicion of driver under the influence, pending further charges, according to news reports.

Braden allegedly claims he was asleep when an unknown man jumped into his car and tried to steal it with Braden in the back. Braden claims he fought with the man, trying to get control back of his car, when they drove off the road into the Yakima river.

Braden claimed he managed to get out but the thief was still inside his car. When they towed he car out of the river, an investigation showed that Braden was the only driver of the car.

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