When I mention that I'm going to a choral concert to people, a lot of their reactions are not so good. "It's just people singing?" "It's so boring!" When met with these reactions, I try my best to get people to come for one simple reason: they're incredible!! My first time seeing MCM (Mid-Columbia Mastersingers) in concert was absolutely fantastic!! Hearing the harmonies and rhythms, watching the expressions on the singers faces, and being surrounded by beautiful music is an experience no one should miss out on!

This weekend, the Mastersingers are celebrating Latin American music! The show will feature Misa por la Paz y la Justicia, a Spanish language setting of the mass by Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez. Guest artists on the program include tenor Karl E. Hedlund, narrator Ana Bertha Carrera Armijo, and guitarist Eddie Manzanares and friends. There are three performances this weekend starting Friday November 11th. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here! Don't miss it, trust me, you'll be amazed and moved.

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