Multiple police agencies responded to a rollover crash on 395 on Mother's Day that led to one young man in critical condition in the hospital. A black mustang that authorities now say may have been racing, rolled over near the Kartchner Road exit just after 2:30 pm according to news reports. The driver, Audel Guttierez-Cisneros, was trapped in the car after the accident but around 6 people stopped and helped push the car on it's side so the driver could crawl out.

There was also a 15 year old passenger that was not injured in the crash. The driver sustained head wounds and some broken bones and was still in the ICU on Monday. Charges are still pending but Guttierez-Cisneros could be facing reckless or negligent driving charges in the second degree. Authorities say the mustang may have been racing with a white corvette when the Mustang changed lanes causing him to loose control and drive off the road.

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