The Yakima police have released a warning for people to be aware of a new phone scam being reported in the area according to news reports. Multiple people have reported getting a call from a woman claiming to be from the Human Health Resources Division. They tell them to go to Walmart and put $250 into a transfer account and then call another number. That number is answered by someone claiming to be from the U.S. Treasury Department trying to take their money.

Police warn that the scammers use regular mail, email, phone, text, and social media to take advantage of people with their scam. Police say that people should report any suspicious contact they think is a scam before they call the number. Once you call the phone number, local police may not be able to do anything because numbers switch so often and are usually taken down by the time they are identified. Police say want to get the word out so people can identity the problem before they become a victim.

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