If Porters BBQ knew that sharing the Facebook post of a controversial conservative pastor would make so much smoke in the form of anger in the community, they might have had second thoughts.

Conservative pastor Franklin Graham, the son of famous pastor Billy Graham, spoke at a "Decision America" ralley in Columbia Point Park in Richland to a crowd of thousands of people on Tuesday night. There were also around 50 that were protesting Grahams message.

Franklin Graham is known for his strongly conservative views and negative speech about the LGBTQ+ communities among others.

Before the event, Graham stopped by Porter's Real BBQ and posted about it on Facebook.

Then some Facebook friends of the company erupted in anger about the support for such a divisive figure like Graham.

The comments were not all bad, some showed support for Graham and to Porter's.

Porter's Real BBQ had their own comment about the situation on the post.

Franklin Graham posted that 13,000 people showed up for his event in Richland. Other estimates say there were a couple thousand there. Either way, it was a big crowd in the park.

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