A recent study found radioactive dust in the homes of 6 Hanford nuclear reservation workers. The recorded levels are low but still found to be a "potential source of internal radiation exposure", according to reports.

The alarming report states that the dust found in the workers homes was a"public-health risk level above what is considered acceptable under the standards developed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection".

The study also says it found evidence that more homes probably have radioactive dust but more testing needs to be done.

John Martell, the state Department of Health’s manager of Radioactive Air Emissions Section, received the report and said levels were very low and "is not jumping out to us as a public health risk".

36 homes of Hanford employees were tested with 6 showing signs of radioactive dust.

The study says the dust was spread through "workers’ vehicles, or their clothes, as well as through windstorms or wildfires that have burned at Hanford".

In December of 2017, some signs of contamination showed up on employees vehicles in another study but there were no positive signs of contamination in their homes.

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