A 13 year old Carmichael Middle School student was arrested after allegedly making threats to staff and students with a stun gun on school property.

After police were called and found the student in possession with the stun gun on school grounds but he has yet to be charged.

His bail was raised from $1,000 to $5,000 while prosecutors decide what he will be charged with, according to reports.

When bail was raised in court, they also showed the student had an A average in school and had no prior criminal record. Even with those facts, the court raised bail because of "community sentiment about the 11 or so threats to Mid-Columbia schools".

The student is placed on emergency expulsion and if he manages to post bail will be on house arrest and have to stay 2,000 feet from the school, according to reports.

His parents say he is the victim of bullying and is a good kid with no access to guns.

Police say he was mad about a breakup and started making threats to "shoot up the school".

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