If you're been procrastinating going salmon fishing on the Columbia you need to get on it. You're running out of time! In fact, yesterday was your last day to hit the river! Most of the Columbia River will be closed to salmon and steelhead fishing starting Thursday September 13th. The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife had apologized for the closure, but they need to make sure the fish can repopulate to keep the species going.

“We recognize that this closure is difficult for anglers, but we have an obligation to meet our (Endangered Species Act) goals so that fisheries can continue in the future,” said Bill Tweit, Columbia River fishery coordinator for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. -Tri-City Herald

Starting today there will be no more fishing allowed from the Blue Bridge at Pasco downstream to near the mouth of the Columbia River. So sorry anglers, looks like you'll have to wait until next season to get your salmon and steelhead fishing on!

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