A Kadlec nurse thought her orbital bone was broken after a woman she was trying to treat freaked and kicked her hard in the face.

38 year old Elizabeth A. Tyshchuk is the woman facing charges of third-degree assault after kicking the emergency room nurse that was trying to take her blood.

The nurse was trying to explain to the woman what they were doing and she allegedly started freaking out telling them to take the needle out.

"Before she was able to (take out the needle), (Tyshchuk) swung her left leg over her body and kicked (her) hard in the face," describe the scene in court documents, according to reports.

When police arrived, Tyshchuk was being restrained by hospital staff and was screaming and swearing loudly.

When interviewed by police Tyshchuk said "She wouldn't take the f------ needle out of my arm," she told police. "She wasn't taking it out fast enough, so I just kicked at her."

She faces her charges next week in Benton County Superior Court.


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