Sunnside officer Anthony Russell has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and booked into the Yakima County Jail. The arrest comes after a woman came forward claiming that Russell had pinned her to the ground during an argument and threatened her with his AR-15 rifle and a knife according to news reports. She told officers in a statement that he allegedly threatened to "cut from her throat down her body".

The incident started January 12 of 2017 when a Yakima 911 operator received a call with screaming and yelling in the background but no one would talk. Police were sent over to the residence of the call and found Russell and a woman but neither would make a statement to police. Now the woman came forward and made a statement about the incident which has lead to the charges and the arrest of Russell.

Police say they have been to Russell's house multiple times for suspicion of domestic abuse but have never made an arrest. He had also been on paid leave from the Sunnyside Police since October of 2016 because of an internal investigation of policy violations not related to this incident. His bail was set at $250,000 and was still in jail as of Monday evening.

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