Recycle one pair of your old jeans at Target and you get a coupon for 20% off any new pair in the store, limit of four pairs per day!

The offer starts Sunday March 11th and ends March 24th at all the regional Target stores.

Each pair of old jeans you turn in to Target for recycling, you get a 20% off coupon for new jeans in the store or on target,com. All coupons also expire after the promotion on March 24th.

Target hopes to keep over 500,000 pounds of denim from landfills with the program. They are teaming up with denim recylcing company I:Co ( stands for I Collect).

Here are the details for the program:

- Any brand or style in clean, dry condition will be accepted.

- Target will have drop-off boxes for the donated denim near the guest service desk in each store.

- Coupons will be available from store representatives at the guest service desk.

- The coupon applies to long jeans only (excludes shorts, jackets and vests).

- Guests receive one coupon per item they trade in with a maximum of four coupons per household per day.

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