LET'S DANCE!! This summer The Uptown Theater will be showing two incredible classics on the big screen! Once again, we'll be able to enjoy some forbidden dancing fun or brave the Fire Swamp in two of the best 80s films! Back on the big screen will be The Princess Bride and Footloose! If you haven't seen these (or you want to introduce your kids to them) there's no better way than in the theater.

June 23rd will be an 80s extravaganza with The Princess Bride starting at 11:30 and Footloose at 1:30. And what's even better is that they are FREE!! Yeah, you read that right! Seating is first come first served, so mark your calendars, bust out your best 80s gear and head to the theater early to get your seats! (80s gear not required, I just think it will be fun). These are all-ages films, but kids under 13 must have an adult present.

Have fun storming the castle!

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