An ex-Hanford employee that made a hit-list of over 20 people that he is accused of threatening to kill has a trial date. That man, Dominick Furino, was caught after a man that thought he was on the list contacted police according to news reports. His pre-trial is set for March 22nd and the trial will start on April 3rd.

When SWAT stormed his house last week they were worried about the mental health of Furino and weapons but did not find any. The police report says Furino has never owned a gun and that they could not find the "hit list". Police also say he was upset about fighting with Hanford about Mercury poisoning he thought he had which caused the frustration.

Furino is still being held on $10,000 bail. Captain Jeff Taylor of RPD said "But certainly in this day and age where we have incidences and it is common place for people to act on those threats, to go into a work place and have a major act of violence. So we can't afford to not take those threats seriously."

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