[UPDATE] A 5 year old girl is still at Trios Southridge Hospital after being stabbed by her 32 year old uncle Oscar Garcia Romero. Romero is being held for 72 hours while the investigation is gathering evidence for the case according to news reports. The details of the case are still sketchy at best, and they still haven't said "why" he stabbed her. Investigators say the little girl was seen hugging her uncle on Valentines Day and then followed him into his room where she screamed out a short time later. The family rushed in and found the little girl with stab wounds in her belly and her uncle standing over her holding the knife. He immediately dropped the knife and ran away out the door, to be arrested about an hour and a half later.

Romero is being held on suspicion of first degree attempted murder and has a $500,00 bail. Still no word on the condition of the little girl.

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