A couple from Pasco has been charged with allegedly brutally attacking and robbing a woman who witnessed them skinny dipping at Columbia Point Marina and left her thinking that she "was done".

I’m very upset that an area I’ve always considered very safe is now no longer on my list of safe places. ... These people are very bad people. says the victim Crystal Davison.

The victim, Crystal Davison, was riding her bike on July 31st when she spotted a couple skinny dipping in the river at Columbia Point Marina in Richland. She continued on her bike ride and then returned to her car back at the marina.

She noticed the same couple preforming a sex act on a bench at the marina and decided to take a picture of their license plate, according to reports.

The couple has been identified as 18 year old Whitney R. Abbott and 26 year old Sergio Rodriguez-Topete, both from Pasco.

When Davison was taking out her phone, Rodriguez-Topete walked over and asked he why she was taking pictures of his car.

Davison said that she was in a public place and was allowed to take pictures if she wanted, that is when Rodriguez-Topete allegedly slapped her phone out of her hand and stole it.

Davison followed the couple and demanded her phone back causing Abbott to push her in the shoulder. Then a fight allegedly broke out between the two women.

The women exchanged punches until Abbott got control and sat on Davison's chest and grabbed her neck.

That is when Davison said "I thought this was it, I was done", she told police.

Rodriguez-Topete then told Abbott to let go of the woman and she stopped the attack. They then told her that her phone was in the field and drove away in their Suzuki Swift.

Davison went to a nearby hotel to call police. After putting a description on the Richland police Facebook, they managed to get a lead and found the couple.

Police said that when Davison contacted them "was crying, the left side of her face was red, and she had tree, grass and dirt particles on her pants and shirt".

They spotted the Suzuki Swift, pulled it over with both Rodriguez-Topete and Abbott in the car, and arrested them.

Abbott is charged with fourth-degree assault. Rodriguez-Topete is charged with first-degree theft for stealing the phone.

The couple has pleaded not guilty, are being held on $10,000 bail each, and await trail on October 1st.

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