I have been noticing the Washington State Patrol using a new tactic locally to catch speeders on Tri-Cities highways. This tactic I have seen in other places, but it is only recently I have seen it used here.

I first noticed about 2 months ago driving home from work when my laser detector went off as I was rounding the corner from the Blue Bridge turning onto hwy 240. The officer wasn't in front, he was behind me on the Columbia Drive overpass hitting people from behind coming onto 240.

I saw the exact same thing this morning, but on the back side of the Edison exit hitting people as they speed by. When you drive by the exit, they are sitting on the back side where you can't see them unless you're looking.

To use laser, police have to be parked stationary but they can get your speed much quicker and at a much longer distance. If you are speeding and you are tagged with laser, you pretty much have no warning before they have you. Even if you have a laser detector, if it goes off and your speeding they have you. Regular radar gives you much more warning, however the police car can be moving while they use it.

I think police cars are much easier to spot when they are stationary unless they are hiding on the back side of entrance ramps on the freeway. That is why I think most use regular radar so they can be on the move and less visible. This new tactic is being used to target people that may get by speed traps with a radar detector.

If your speeding, watch out unless you want to get busted because they will get you.

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