Most police departments across the country have a Facebook page. They use it to get help finding suspects, to warn citizens about dangers, to share various things about the department, and more. Most of the departments that I've seen, keep things pretty straight forward, but from time to time, they get, well, hilarious! The Pasco Police have mad jokes on a lot of their posts.

They keep things professional, of course, but sometimes they're downright hilarious. In a recent post, they shared a story about people falling asleep at the wheel. They'd gotten calls on TWO drivers just passed out at the wheel just last night! The funny part is in the details.

Courtesy of the Pasco Police Department
Courtesy of the Pasco Police Department

Apparently, one of the drivers was passed out at the light on 20th and Court with Snoop Dogg blasting! Not sure why they decided to include this detail other than they must have been amused when they rolled up to the scene. I would have been! At the end of the post they left this little gem of a joke, "We hope both drivers are able to catch up on some sleep before court in the morning." :D

In all seriousness, please don't get drunk and fall asleep at the wheel, but if you do, keep in mind you could not only get busted, but get clowned by Pasco's Finest! Keep up the good work, Pasco PD. Thanks for keeping us safe and keeping us smiling!

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